Skookum;  |strong| |greatest| |powerful| |ultimate| |brave|  

Twiggy Saint Skookum is a Montreal-based artist who is dedicated to multiple mediums of artistic expression.  A natural love of music has led him to produce genuine compilations varying across numerous genres. A way with words fuels him to write lyrics and short horror stories of fantasy and fear. Through the lens of a camera, Twiggy.S.S. focuses on producing one-of-a-kind digital still art and designs, as well as short art videos. The subject of his visual art is predominantly people; a definite result of his captivation with the dynamics of the human condition.  With an evocative and eclectic style,  this emerging artist is sure to stimulate and silence your senses.  Unusual but bewitching, Twiggy delivers Skookum on every level.


Creativity Is His Drive. Resilience Is His Weapon. Boundlessness Is His Destiny. 

Twiggy Saint Skookum
Twiggy Saint Skookum
Twiggy Saint Skookum
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