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     Ryan 'Twiggy' Arthurs is a Montreal-based artist who is dedicated to multiple mediums of artistic expression. Through the lens of a camera, he focuses on producing editorial style portraits & fashion photographs, as well as dark and enticing video pieces. The subject of his visual work is predominantly people; a definite result of his captivation with the dynamics of the human condition. With a distinct style and several lighting techniques, Ryan can guarantee his clients work that will catch the eye of any on-looker. As a music producer he has created instrumentals varying across numerous genres. Heavily inspired by unique samples and hypnotic beats, he has been producing music for over a decade. Ryan has crafted countless visual and audio creations for singers/bands, fashion designers, stylists, production companies/film makers, theatre performers, news outlets, and more.


     Working out of a large multi-faceted studio in Griffintown or on location, Ryan offers a bold, creative product and a rewarding working experience that has formed repeat business with numerous clients. He has a fully equipped lineup of trusted creatives from coordinators, to clothing stylists, make-up artists, and hair stylists, if you are in need of an entire team as well.


     Get in touch now for a quote! Rates include full days or half days for smaller projects. Send a message through the contact page with details of what your needs are and you will be guaranteed to receive a reply with several ideas on how to make your project a reality. 



Stylish, provocative and daring, Twiggy always delivers something unique.
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